It is Fantastic opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals, Teachers, Trainers/Mentors, and Students. G-suite is Google's suite of intelligent apps, which brings all your needs under one suite. You're probably already using or are familiar with some of them. But its extensive features can make your life a lot easier.

Navigate your professional growth through an effective training program with a simple user guide i.e
G-Suite Education - LEARN. EXPLORE. EVOLVE.

A free platform to do tasks seamlessly

Guardians can easily track their child's performance.

Efficiently promote management & team coordination

Keep track of ongoing jobs and perform accordingly.

Ideal for all sessions, be it board meetings or classroom activities.

Make your phone & laptop the absolute place for your business.

Get Performance Certificate (Gold/Silver/Completion Certificate)

Swati is popularly known as a MEPSC Certified Master Trainer and Google Educator. She has over 19+ years of professional experience in diverse industries which include Fashion Lifestyle Retail Operations, FMCG, Banking, Insurance, Training, and Natural wellness. After completing MBA (Marketing) she completed surplus knowledge and did a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine -Naturopathy, Masters in Yogic Science, and pursued various certification courses into L&D regularly.

Dr. Swati Verma Sood, Google Certified Educator, and Master Trainer

Course Fee - Rs. 1500+GST

(Early Bird and Corporate discounts available)

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