This webinar will solely focus on to uplift the downstream of the business. As every organization has faced the wrath of the pandemic, each organization needs a strategic optimization to bounce back. In this environment, companies with the lowest break-even prices will be the winners in the long run. So, redefine the idea of cost optimization with us and overcome the setbacks you had to go through.

Learn to differentiate between cost reduction, cost control and cost optimization

Able to pick out the right cost centers to be optimized

Make a list of the sensitive costs to be left alone

Able to deliver a bona fide optimization cycle for implementation

Ensure accountability and channelize the cost savings in the right direction

Execute review mechanisms by identifying the relevant cost drivers and timelines

CA Vishal Thakkar Coach and Mentor

Professionally, CA Vishal Thakkar has lived a life in the world of finance. He has set enormous examples in the Finance Education space along with coaching & mentoring leaders over 14 years. On the educational front, Vishal is a qualified Chartered Accountant, MBA (Fin). He believes in empowering people to combat their financial challenges. He wishes to bring positive changes in the financial lives of people. Apart from this, he is a GFMB faculty at SP Jain School of Global Management, fundraiser, facilitator, IFRS expert, author of CNBC published finance books and owner of Finance Tube YouTube channel.

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