It is because our brains are genetically wired since birth and this does not change throughout our lifetime. Through sharper awareness of our own and our family's and colleagues' Brain Colour and its uniqueness, we can create a powerhouse of performance.


  • Enhancing personal productivity and effectiveness through a better understanding of self and others
  • Building trust and interpersonal cooperation in teams through understanding and effective communication
  • Building a high-performance team through Coloured Brain Communication
  • Understanding Coloured Brain types for effective learning

DR. SANJEEV DIXIT , Global HR Leader

Globally Certified Coloured Brain Coach and author of the book PLAN C, is a global HR leader with over 23 years of Strategic Corporate HR & CHRO experience across diversified industries and geographies. He is also known as an 'ideapreneur' who has been growing personally and professionally by creating and executing unconventional and path breaking ideas.


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