Upcoming Online Masterclass and Workshop Training

Talent Acquisition PRO

Program Date: 18th & 25 th September 2021

Program Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Program Cost: Rs. 2,500 + GST (Per Participant)

Key discussion Points

- Startegic Talent Acquisition

- Four Factor - Job Analysis

- HAT - Hiring Authority Techniques

- Lou Adler - Performance-based Hiring

- The Octane - Eight Matrix you must know

Session -2

- How to design Seven Steps Advanced Sourcing Plan

- Nextgen Advance Sourcing Techniques

- The Interviewer Mantra -Seven Signs of Silence

- 100+ TA Tools for the future, you can't miss

- 13 Success Mantra for Talent Acquisition Pro.

Who can attend

Every Talent Acquisition Professional who wants to achieve excellence in Recruitments.

Future of Work

Program Date: 30 thSept & 1stOctober - Basic

Program Date: 7 th & 8 thOctober - Advance

Program Time: 3 pm to 5 pm

Program Cost: Rs. 2,500 + GST (Per Participant)

Course Overview

The program will help you in understanding the role of HR management & technology strategy that can help reforming and upgrading the workplace culture. After you finish this program, you will be able to utilize the digital collaboration platforms for a smoother talent acquisition process.

Key discussion Points

- Unique approach to a human-centric work design

- Need to learn about the shifting talent and skill in the talent acquisition industry

- How digital enablement in workspace has helped in enhanced productivity

- How is the workspace landscape gradually changing?

- What are best practices of behavorial science?

- Why there is a need to build a HR Target Operating Model

- Learning about the fast moving HR industry trends

- Why do Employee sentiments and emotions analysis matter?

Who should attend?

Every Talent Acquisition Professional who wants to achieve excellence in Recruitments.

Interview Masterclass

Program Date: 1st October 2021

Program Time: 5 pm to 7 pm

Program Cost: Rs. 999 + GST (Per Participant)

Course Over view

The Interview Masterclass is specially designed for Every job seeker to understand the 'secret tips' to successfully cracking an interview in a seamless manner. The course starts with acing a great 'introduction' and concludes with delivering an impactful ‘unique closing pitch’ and also helps participants to draft their own resume.

Key discussion points

- How can a candidate ace the interview by following the top success tricks?

- What are the best strategies that can create a "WOW-effect" on the interviewing panel?

- What are some of the predominant interview challenges that job seekers face?

- Why there is a need for an effective introduction in front of the interviewing panel?

- What are the key elements of resume discussion that a candidate cannot skip?

- Why delivering an elevator pitch in an effective way is crucial in an interview?

Who should attend?

This Masterclass opens the door to success for job seekers and to those looking for new career opportunities. The Masterclass caters to freshers and experienced professionals alike.

Competency Mapping

Program Date: 9th & 23rd OCT 2021

Program Time: 1:30 hours

Program Cost: Rs. Basic Module – 1500+gst , Advance Module – 1500+gst, Both Modules – 2500/- +gst

Course Over view

The masterclass on Competency Mapping is specifically crafted to discuss the cruciality of competency assessment, the utilization of tools and techniques for designing a competency framework within an organization.

Key discussion points

Basic Module :-

- What is Competency ?

- Why Competency Assessment is important?

- Discussion on development of Competency Framework

- Assessment Center Designing and Implementation

- Tools and Techniques

- Use of Competency Framework in Organisation.


- Designing of Assessment Center

- Development of Assessment Tools and Techniques

How Behavioral Assessment is done

- Use of Assessment data in development of IDP.

Who should attend?

CHROs |HR Heads’ | Senior HR professional | Manager | TA Professionals | Talent MGMT | Talent Development | HR Tech companies |Training & Recruitment

Linkedin Masterclass

Program Date: 22nd OCT 2021

Program Time: 5 pm to 7 PM

Program Cost: Rs. 999/- +gst

Who should attend?

Job Seeker, HR Professionals, Mid Career Professionals, Entrepreneurs and anyone and everyone who wants to rock on linkedin

Key discussion points

- Learn how to make lifetime connections

- Learn influencer way to write your summary

- Learn linkedin Skill Matrix for 5000 Connections.

- Four Factor Hastags

- Focus Five Acheive high

- Six keywords cloud

- Seven Invitation secret

- Eight Article in Advance - Talks and Trends

- Nine Influencers to follow - 3+3+3

- Ten Groups - Join beyond linkedin

- Eleven Recomendations per month

- Twelve People to Tag - Primary Algorithm

- Thirteen- Pending Invitation to withdraw

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