About Us

DigitalHR is a community established by the InnoServ Group of Companies and has Digital Transformation of the HR domain at its core. It is the ultimate platform for HR Professionals to understand and leverage the power of Digital for the transformation of HR practices. The new employee practices as well as new process opitmisation opportunities will be accelerated with the advent of the Digital Universe. We intend to help the HR fraternity learn, understand and utilise digital technologies for the benefit of business objectives in HR. One of the key focus areas at DigitalHR is Digital Employer Branding. There is a pressing need for it and has a tremendous impact on the entire value chain.

What is DigitalHR?

DigitalHR is a community of HR Professionals aiming for digital transformation and innovation in HR practices. It is a community focused on digital transformation of HR services and processes brought by InnoServ Group. The DigitalHR community aims to help HR professionals learn, understand and use digital technologies to drive business objectives in HR.

Why DigitalHR?

As the world experiences an accelerated shift towards the use of digital technologies, DigitalHR helps HR professionals to unlock their capabilities and drive business goals to stay ahead of the curve by bringing people together for learning, knowledge sharing, collaborating and networking.

Among its many applications, one most important focus areas that we have identified at DigitalHR is Digital Employer Branding as it has a tremendous impact on the entire value chain.

Who Does DigitalHR Benefit?

The community has close to 8000+ HR professionals in its outreach and aims to cater to all stakeholders in the HR sector including:
•    Key Decision Makers
•    HR Managers and HR Professionals
•    Employees